Maxine McDonald • Fine Art PhotographyPortfolio

Events • Carnival

In this series, I have worked with both 35mm and medium format as well as Holga plastic cameras. Although some of my images are sections of rides shot in late afternoon, most were shot after dark. I used both black and white and color film with some of the images being long timed exposures, and others being short bursts of multiple exposures of the same or different rides juxtaposed or even upside down. The idea being to try and capture the essence of the rides and the whir of the lights and jumble of colors that electrify the sky and create the excitement of the carnival.

"Big Wheels"

"Blue Streak"

"Carousel Horse"

"Ferris Wheel"

"Giant Spinning Wheel"


"Millenium Force"

"Moonrise Topsfield"

"Nightlights and Other Amusements"

"Octopus Core"

"Phoenix Rising"

"Sun Scooter"

"The Landing"

"Tilt-a-Whirl Nightlights"

"Topsfield Fair"