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Places • Bodie CA

Bodie is a gold mining ghost town in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Only 5 percent of the buildings it contained during the 1880's still remain. Designated a state historic park in 1962, it is now maintained in a state of arrested decay.

"Back Shed Bodie"

"Barber Chair"

"Bedroom Bodie"

"Child Chair & Basin"

"Doorway #1"


"Green Bottle #1"

"Green Bottle #2"


"October 1937"


"Rooftops Bodie"

"Shed #1"

"Shed #2"

"Shed Closeup #1"

"Shed Closeup #2"

"The Bone"

"The Coffee Pot"

"Violin and Lamp"

"Water Heater"

"Wheel of Fortune Bodie"

"Window #1"

"Window #2"

"Window #3"